Order Management

Order Management and Order Processing Services
Companies that use multiple sales channels are compelled to streamline processes and systems in this competitive world. They thrive to succeed and do not want to merely respond to the reactions in the external market. Multi-channel customers generate 19 to 26 % more profit than traditional customers. But companies invariably experience a strain in resources, trying to handle everything from marketing to delivery inhouse. Spurlink will step in here, helping you manage multi-channel environments effectively and comprehensively.

Managing volume growth, demand variability and global expansion isn't always easy for direct-to-consumer companies. Customer demand could spike more this season than last. When orders and requests flood in, you have to respond immediately with the right information and resources. That means looking beyond buying and promotional campaign behavior, and making a powerful, targeted cross-sell. Monitoring accurate inventory level, moving massive amounts of product from the warehouse or manufacturer out to the customers – on time and with very few errors – all form part of this painstaking process.

Many multi-channel B2C firms handle order management, logistics and payment services inhouse. But when volume grows, so do costs and complexity. And that distracts from what's really important –marketing, sales and product management. How Spurlink can help you?

Spurlink can pull everything together for you. We capture customer intelligence, handle sales and service inquiries, process sales requests, and distribute products for direct-to-consumer companies around the world. We are backed by 8 years of close collaboration with clients worldwide. Plus, we have the bandwidth to grow with you, no matter where you go or how fast you move. We take comprehensive responsibility for coupon and order processing and management services, and you definitely won’t have to look beyond us for global and state of the art services!

What you can achieve through the Spurlink Order Management Model

Some of the most important objectives achieved through the Spurlink Order Management Model are:

>>> Automation of processes and decrease in order completion time

>>> Provision of a fully integrated solution for end-to-end order processing and fulfillment from our service delivery centers

>>> Operation of order management and processing services on a global basis, 24/7/365

>>> Delivery of a best-in-class solution for multi-channel retailers

>>> Effective management of variable operational costs

>>> Informed business decision making based on specific information from our Order Processing teams

>>> Reduction in inventory costs by 5 to 7 percent, and logistics costs by 10 to 15 percent

>>> Action-based review of customer's feedback on your orders

>>> Lower IT investment and support costs by 10 to 15 percent