Technical Support Services

A world-class product is very important for an enterprise to be successful but the technical support for the product is what continues to retain customers. Smart products and reliable technical support services, the combination is a sure way to keep customers happy. They are more likely to come back to you for future purchases and upgrades.

Spurlink, Business Process Outsourcing's Tech Support provides excellent and quality technical support services to organizations globally. We have over 10+ years experience in helping clients slash support costs, boost user satisfaction and enhance productivity.

We offer eServices to build on support components that are previously in place in a mature support engagement. eServices ensure increased first time resolution of customer issues, reduced average handling time, increased productivity of the support personnel and hence achieves improved customer experience and satisfaction.

We deliver our Comprehensive Procurement Solutions through a Specialized Procurement Service that tightly integrates dedicated teams of specialists, real-time market intelligence in hundreds of categories, and proprietary technology into a comprehensive spend management process. Using this process we help you transform procurement and deliver and sustain realized savings while supporting your other strategic objectives, such as risk management, sustainability and growth.

Our technical support BPO solutions assist enterprises resolve customer issues promptly. They include:

Email Technical Support for non-urgent queries.

Inbound Telephone Call Technical Support for urgent situations.

Inbound Chat Support for situations where customers can not guide executives appropriately.